Trading Room Manager

TraderWind was key in translating customer interaction into valuable knowledge and increased income.
Uri Shpan,
Global Head of Sales,
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot
  • Proactive trading process
    Helps traders drive more deals
    Traders capitalize on new business opportunities
  • Business Intelligence panel
    Access to better decision making tools
    User-friendly reports help you simply drill-down on performance
  • Voice-data convergence
    The right information at the right time
    Dashboard auto-displays capture vital data when calls come in
  • A shift in focus to the human factor
    Enhances trader-client interaction
    360° portfolio view raises resposnsiveness and customer retention
  • Interaction management workflow
    Integrates into trader-customer current processes
    Platform developed to work seamlessly with existing workflows
  • Field-proven expertise in innovative
    Trading Room technology
    Ongoing R&D enhancements to meet tomorrow’s
    Trade Room’s needs today

A new stream of revenues for trading room growth

Now more than ever, as the finance sector faces turbulent markets, volatile clients and job cuts, the need for new sources of revenue is critical. FTL’s TraderWind can help!

Focused on revenue growth.

The TraderWind platform provides innovative solutions for generating new sources of revenues previously overlooked. Having a strong relationship with our Trading Room customers, we worked hand-in-hand with trading room managers, to realize true revenue growth. To date most trading room managers, driven to improve results, focused on finance management solutions such as; risk management, order management, market data management …

Innovative solutions for revenue growth.

Together with leading Trading Room managers we concentrated on revenue growing blind spots. In response we designed the first customer interaction management system dedicated to the specific needs of the trading room environment, therefore enable our clients to increase incomes with existing trading floor team and IT infrastructure.

IT Company focused on future dealing Room

FTL developed an expertise in innovative technology solutions designed to meet the special needs of the Trading Room. Our team focuses on the future trading room to help our clients transform and adapt to future trading room needs.

Better trader-client point-of-interaction

TraderWind provides new proactive processes, workflows, tools and technologies to transform trading rooms into a revenue boosting environment. The impact is immediate. For instance, proactive processes enable traders to capitalize on new revenue growing opportunities while increasing customer satisfaction. Once implemented into the workflow, they reduce misdeals, increase customer retention and help to increase trading room income.

Risk reduction

Trader – client point of interaction is a critical time where deals are made or missed. Today no trading room can afford to make errors, yet knowledge gaps and human errors still occur regularly. TraderWind helps to reduce the risk of operating with insufficient information at the critical time by streamlining vital data in real time to a centralized view. Risk reduction is also expedited through a biometric client verification system that serves to reduce malpractice.
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