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Voice verification and recording

Enhanced protection against fraud and assured way to resolve disputes

TraderWind integrates Nuance Voice Verification technology to provide a more secure environment. Concurrently this technology reduces fraud exposure while complying with trading room security needs.

The Nuance Free Speech process works non-intrusively in the background during the call, without disrupting the dialog. Once integrated into TraderWind, each conversation is logged within a voice recording history. Each conversation is automatically linked to customers’ profiles and can be traced with a click per customer.


Online voice recognition, trading data and history

TraderWind’s Voice Verification provides high accuracy for use in noisy, wireless and hands-free environment. It is capable of adapting to changes in a caller’s voice, to ensure that applications using Nuance Verifier are easy for callers to use over and over again.

TraderWind was key in translating customer interaction into valuable knowledge and increased income.
Uri Shpan,
Global Head of Sales,
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot