IT Managers

TraderWind was key in translating customer interaction into valuable knowledge and increased income.
Uri Shpan,
Global Head of Sales,
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot
  • Easy integration reduces lead time
    In a business-critical environment
    Seamlessly integrates into Trading Room IT environment without disrupting status quo
  • Safe technology investment
    Field-proven, based on years of experience and expertise Ongoing R&D enhancements to meet tomorrow’s Trading Room’s needs today
  • Expertise in Trading Room setup, software and integration
    With live installations
    Successful field-proven implementations in banks and finance institutions
  • Mission specific Platform
    Tailored to meet Trading Room’s particular needs
    Designed to account for the functional, managerial, business and technology demands

Designed to simply integrate with trading room systems

For years IT managers tried to implement traditional CRM systems in trading floors, with limited success. TraderWind was developed as a mission specific interaction management platform that is streamlined into Traders’ workflow, securing successful implementation.

Installation, integration and support

The trading room is an extreme business environment with its own dedicated suite of solutions. Following years of working with Trading Rooms’ IT teams, FTL recognizes its complex IT demands. Having decades of experience in the financial sector and being a trusted partner of leading trading rooms, means that trading rooms can entrust FTL to integrate dedicated solutions and applications with confidence. All our systems and applications including; customer interaction management, voice-data integration, and voice recognition systems are built on a highly powerful software architecture. All systems and applications exist on the TraderWind platform - a pillar of stability and confidence.


Working in tandem with existing Trading Room systems, The TraderWind platform provides a simple and coherent trading workflow streamlined successfully – from Point-of-Customer-Interaction through to the back office. TraderWind seamlessly integrates with Dealing Room software and hardware including; Turrets or Dealer boards, order systems, transaction systems, data feeds from Reuters and Bloomberg and more…


The deployment of TraderWind has been designed to be simply and cost effectively executed, resulting in a rapid time to market. To date, TraderWind has been successfully installed on time and budget in banks, trade rooms and financial institutions, with field proven results.

Data Security

After years of working with Trading Room’s IT management on design, development and deployment of data secured systems, we have developed an expertise in Dealing Room data security. Today the TraderWind platform stringently meets Dealing Room data security standards, policies and regulations.


FTL is built on a culture of innovation with a particular focus on evolving trade rooms. We are constantly analyzing the markets and pushing the boundaries of technology development to ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition. We realize on the trading floor, every second counts. That’s why our systems are designed to help the traders act quickly.
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