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Platform Overview

TraderWind Main Business Benefits:
A new customer – trader eco-sphere designed to create more deals, better deals

Over the past 20 years, trading floors witnessed dramatic changes. Hardware, software and networks underwent accelerated technology advances and operations were streamlined. Concurrently there has been an increase in competition and decrease in margins, causing the deals themselves to become more complex. Despite these changes, one aspect of trading hasn’t changed - voice trading. Voice trading is the one phenomenon that hasn’t changed because at the end of the day, customers need the reassurance of speaking to a person when making deals.

Our customer’s Trading Room reality challenged us in a number of ways: Firstly we realized the need for more intelligent and intuitive systems to make better use of data. Secondly we identified a need to converge financial with non-financial information like; customer calls, historical interaction data, misdeals and more. Thirdly we realized we needed to find new ways to capitalize on Point-of-Customer – Trader Interaction and leverage it to bring better deals for the customer and the trader.

We responded by developing the TraderWind Platform:
TraderWind makes it possible for Trading Rooms to improve performance, increase trader productivity and generate new sources of revenue.

Discover how we do it:

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In an era of enhanced risk, regulatory compliance and diminishing revenues, trading rooms need a solution that gives traders the power, speed, control and accuracy to generate new sources of revenue and increase income. FTL’s TraderWind platform is key to dealer room’s future trading. It has focused on innovative solutions for enhancing the point of trader – customer interaction, a prerequisite for revenue growing trading environments.



Following two decades of trading room partnerships we continue to provide uncompromised service. FTL truly understands today’s complex trading room environment and recognizes its unique traits. We developed easy-to-deploy customizable solutions to meet your trading environment business requirements.


TraderWind was key in translating customer interaction into valuable knowledge and increased income.
Uri Shpan,
Global Head of Sales,
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot