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Customer profiling

Instant insight into profiles, selling and interaction records for better trading

The Customer Profiling modules provides the trader with a personal customer profile as well as their buy and sell preferences, through one single view

Using a comprehensive profiling dashboard, traders are more easily equipped to nurture special customer relationships and increase customer confidence in the deal.

Integrated with TraderWind’s proactive process, customer profiling becomes a powerful auto-tool. During the process TraderWind converges customer data with market events to trigger auto-alerts for potential deals.

Dashboard views featuring complete profile records, interactions logs, tasks and more, enable traders to deliver a consistent and unified response when dealing with the same customer.

Through customer profiling, TraderWind also offers (Customer Event Processing) CEP tools, creating an on-demand custome.

Central dashboard view automatically displays relevant data at the right time

TraderWind was key in translating customer interaction into valuable knowledge and increased income.
Uri Shpan,
Global Head of Sales,
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot