Consultants & Integrators

TraderWind was key in translating customer interaction into valuable knowledge and increased income.
Uri Shpan,
Global Head of Sales,
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot
  • Secure reliable and trusted partner
    Maximize your IT value in the Trading Room FTL- a sound technology partner
  • Established client base
    Work with trading room experts with floor level experience FTL customized trading room solutions easily integrate with existing systems
  • A new improved approach to workflow
    Turning threats into opportunities Be first to act on future trading room technology
  • Field-proven expertise in developing innovative technology specifically for the Trading Room
    Ongoing R&D enhancements to meet tomorrow’s Trading Room’s needs today
  • New revenue generating processes
    Opportunity to introduce your clients to a revenue driving IT solution and help them increase their bottom line

Window of opportunity for trade rooms to expand income

Create a future trading floor environment today

Now, more than ever, today’s market uncertainty is compelling trade rooms to focus on innovative ways for revenue generation. To date trading room technology partners have focused on cost savings and improved productivity. As a result over the last few years there has been a growth in communication unification systems, updated telephony networks, upgraded software and infrastructure and more. No doubt, all these systems are playing a vital role in improving efficiency and productivity.

Breakthrough in trader-customer point of interaction technology

We at FTL believe more can be done. While trading room technology innovators have primarily concentrated on financial management and analysis, FTL opted to transform trading floor productivity. After years of partnering with trading room managers, IT departments and integrators, we became acutely sensitive to a key trading point - “Point of Trader – Client Interaction.” When we zoomed in, we discovered trading floor blind spots previously overlooked. We recognized new streams of revenues and designed a system to capitalize on these opportunities. We realized the key to a future trading environment heavily depended on assessing this point of interaction and developing an entirely new approach to how it is managed.

The human factor

Understanding the human factor – Trader client relations, and realizing the compelling business need – New ways to drive more revenue, FTL set out to develop a new Trader – Client Interaction Platform for boosting revenue. Today TraderWind works in tandem with other next generation trading room systems to drive Trade Rooms into future trading.

Business opportunity for integrators and consultants

TraderWind creates a new source of project development and a new avenue for business development for our business partners.

Business opportunity for your customers

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and explore new ways to transform trading rooms into greater revenue generators.
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